Shipping Artwork

Grand Image offers a wide variety of mediums in our various product lines including delicate works on paper such as etchings and encaustics, prints and originals on paper and canvas, and alternative substrates.

With over 30 years of experience in the art industry, we understand the importance of taking the extra care and time needed to properly package our artwork (this can include, but is not limited to, wide diameter tubes, glassine, and the use of tubes within tubes.)

Taking these extra precautions ensures all products are sufficiently protected and can be returned by our customers, if necessary, with ease and confidence.

This can impact our shipping costs in unexpected ways. For example, because our LTD line offers a wide variety of sizes, when the artwork is larger than the standard packaging, appropriate length tubes are used. All air packages must be sent via dimensional weight; so although a package may weigh only 5 lbs., it can dim out to a much higher weight category.

We use only UPS and Fed Ex approved packaging. By doing so we have an exceptional rating with these carriers and never have problems with claims, should they arise. Many of our customers also require that our packaging meet these specific industry guidelines. We do not cut corners. It is our belief that by providing our customers with artwork that is in sellable condition when they receive it saves money, time and labor in the long run for all parties involved.

Minimum order $75 U.S., not including shipping.

Our shipping charge includes a nominal fee to cover packaging/handling costs.

Shipping Charges: For standard and small sized tubes within the United States are:

Standard Tube (10 pcs, max 46”** in one dimension)

Small Tube (10 pcs, max 36”** in one dimension)

UPS Ground


UPS Ground


UPS 3-Day


UPS 3-day


UPS 2-Day


UPS 2-Day


UPS 1-Day / Overnight*


UPS 1-Day / Overnight*


*UPS 1-Day Overnight service does not guarantee morning delivery
**Artwork 36" and under in one dimension of trim size can ship in a small tube. Artwork over 36" x 36" in trim size and under 46" x 46" will ship in a standard tube. Artwork over 46" x 46" will ship in an oversize tube. An oversized tube will ship product over 48” tall and/or over 6” in diameter and will incur an additional $20 shipping fee.

For a flat pack quote or if you have any questions, please check with your Account Manager or Customer Service at 206-624-0444 ext 175, we will be happy to answer any questions.

The following shipments have additional fees:

  • COD (Cash on Delivery) $20
  • Residential $7

Shipping to Canada
Either UPS or Fed Ex, respectively, acts as our broker for small parcel shipments. The Commercial Invoice reflects product charge only (no shipping) and the recipient is always responsible for any and all duties/fees/taxes. Customers can use their UPS/Fed Ex account numbers if desire

Standard tube charges are based upon ONE 13 lb. tube, 48" x 6" (actual charges may vary if dimensional or actual weight are more). If the package is opened by customs it may delay shipment.

  • UPS Standard approx 2-6 business days: $55
  • Expedited 2-Day $183
  • Express 1-Day $207

Small tube charges are based upon ONE 5 lb. tube, 38" x 4" (actual charges may vary if dimensional or actual weight are more). If the package is opened by customs it may delay shipment.

  • UPS Standard approx 2-6 business days: $40
  • Expedited 2-Day $74
  • Express 1-Day $92

As with domestic shipments, if an oversized tube is used (over 48" tall and over 6" diameter) for shipping artwork with trim of over 46" on one side, there will be an additional $20 charge.

Freight Shipments: It is advantageous and recommended that customers arrange for their own Freight pick up and Customs Brokerage to negotiate the best rates. Grand Image can arrange for those services if desired.

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