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LTD Private Placement makes our premium flagship collection affordable for your budget sensitive quantity projects.

What is LTD Private Placement?

  • Special pricing for budget sensitive projects.
  • These images are part of the Limited Editions (LTD) collection and cannot be shown in the retail marketplace or offered for resale.
  • These prints may only be placed privately in hotel guestrooms, hospital patient rooms, etc.
  • A minimum quantity of 50 pieces of the same image must be ordered to qualify for Private Placement pricing.
  • Printed on Value Paper or Canvas.
  • Digitally signed only with no edition number (Private Placement artwork does not count towards the edition size).
  • If quantities warrant custom offset lithographic paper prints, contact us for a quote on a short-run poster (photo offset prints typically require a minimum of 500 pieces per image).
  • Artists participating in the LTD Private Placement program have contractually agreed to allow for private placements of their imagery.
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