Alternative Substrates

Your special projects and demanding clients require lots of options. For that breathtaking WOW, consider printing on wall covering, acrylic or wood.

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Acrylic art is a sleek and stylish alternative to the more traditional studio canvas or fine art paper. This innovative medium transforms a great image into a stunning installation piece. The translucent quality of the material creates a visual impact that enhances any surrounding by allowing the natural light entering the room to interact with the acrylic and create enhanced depth and texture in the artwork.

For even more innovative acrylic artwork for your special project we can direct print on both surfaces to create a 3-D effect, or the acrylic itself can be cut to non-standard shapes. Caring for acrylic artwork is simple, just wipe with a soft dry cloth or a feather duster.

Wall Covering
Wall Coverings
Wall covering and wallpaper have recently made a huge comeback. Favorable characteristics such as resistance to the growth of bacteria and mildew and enhanced fire safety, combined with unlimited possibilities for scale and design appeal to all markets - from hospitality and healthcare, to commercial offices and retail store design.

Stretched on a frame and hung as a painting, wall covering treated with anti-bacterial additives is an option particularly suited for healthcare environments.

Whether you choose bold prints, subtle patterns, fine art imagery or photography from the Grand Image art collection, the sophisticated look of your installation is guaranteed.

The beauty of a compelling image printed on a premium natural wood complements a variety of d├ęcor styles. It looks great mounted on a wall or displayed on a shelf. Our choice for wood substrate is Baltic Birch Plywood. It's a rigid natural wood product composed of layers of ply exposing a light-tone, woodgrain face that shows ink exceptionally well. We direct print on the surface, with or without the addition of white ink to add the desired degree of opacity. All inks are UV, and VOC free. The final product looks natural and finished and is suitable for high-end exhibit applications. Baltic Birch Ply is a very durable, long-term material, and makes cleaning a breeze, simply wipe with a soft dry cloth.

For a unique presentation, we can router cut the wood for a custom shape of the artwork. Opacity can be spot or gradient to allow varying amounts of the wood grain to show through the color for effect.

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