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The Grand Image story is one that has evolved over time and is closely linked to my own story. In 1976, as a newcomer to the art business, I made a humble debut representing the work of a few unknown artists. After my first two disastrous editions, I quickly discovered how much I did not know, but was energized by the scope and depth of what there was to learn. In retrospect, my first lesson was one of the toughest. It was also one of the most valuable.

I am beginning to enjoy the rewards of a fully realized career fostering creativity and opportunity for emerging artists, while perpetuating the growth and evolution of those who are now established. I am privileged to preside over a company and a collection of originals, and limited edition prints that have earned a place in the art community.

All this being said, the fundamental reason for our success has been you, our customer. We operate under the premise that our customer does not want to be pandered to and, given the chance, will not only select but embrace the new, the different, even the challenging imagery. And for all our customers who see the world, image-wise, as we do, we are grateful. Thanks for seeing things our way.

Enjoy the art,

Larry Winn

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March 2, 2017

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