Jean Cornell


Jean N Cornell is a Texas-based photographer who captures our world with a fresh perspective. She has a contagious passion for nature and anything far West Texas. As the artist explains, "For me, it's all about walking away at the end of the day with that one epic shot.“ Jean chooses to live life her way, following her instincts, which is evident in her art. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Texas Tech University, which gave her an excellent design background. However, as far as her photography goes, she is entirely self taught. Jean has carried a camera for most of her life, which has enabled her to master her craft naturally. As a result, her art has grown from a passionate hobby to a successful enterprise called JNC | MetalPrints. Jean has photographs hung all over Texas, Mexico, and, galleries, and homes.

Reflecting on her art, she explains, "There is something about the stillness of a photo that is completely peaceful." Unlike film, Jean has one frame to capture a perfect moment that otherwise will never be seen again.

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