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Amy began her career as a photographer at a chain of newspapers in Boston, Massachusetts after graduating from the University of Vermont in 1989. In her time at the paper, Amy discovered the thrill of being a photojournalist. Every new assignment was a glimpse into a different way of life and a new opportunity to share her daily experiences with the world. Mentored and inspired by her colleagues who were passionate photojournalists shooting weddings and long term personal projects on the side, Amy began her career in wedding photojournalism which was a brand new approach to weddings in a traditional industry.

Wanting to explore the American West with her camera while pursuing a passion for horses and an urge to return to a society of old fashioned values and traditions as she had experienced in Vermont, Amy moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She worked and lived on ranches, capturing the connection between ranchers, their livestock and the land; documenting a rugged yet romantic lifestyle threatened with extinction. Her words and images were published in local newspapers and national magazines and exhibited in galleries and museums in Jackson Hole and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Amy met her husband Kevin while living in Wyoming. They have lived in Annapolis, Maryland for over twenty years with their two daughters, Sophie and Eliza, and Sawyer, their beloved rescue dog. Amy has been voted "One of Washington D.C.’s Best Wedding Photographers" by the Washingtonian Magazine for the past fourteen years, and has also included family, corporate and political portraiture and events into her repertoire.

After a recent year and half long battle with breast cancer and a new perspective, Amy has now set her sights on making a living as an artist by finding the beauty in every day life and in the many adventures that await!

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