Victoria Neiman


Victoria Neiman is a fine artist, illustrator and graphic designer living in Seattle, Washington. The youngest in a family of opinionated artists and musicians, she spent her childhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she learned to embrace chaos, talk with her hands and always order her steak rare. Victoria returned to the States to study Theater and Art History at Yale University, before moving to Brooklyn to pursue a career in the arts, ultimately finding her way to the West Coast 10 years later.  

Her love of runny ink, organic shapes and abstract lines carries through in her work, as well as a passion for typography and vintage printed ephemera. Primarily a digital artist, Victoria strives to celebrate the nuances and imperfections of traditional handcrafted media through her worknothing makes her happier than a good crack, drip, smear or stain.   

When she isn’t getting messy in the studio, Victoria enjoys getting into trouble with her husband and toddler and stumbling her way through the breathtaking PNW. 

Victoria is a current artist in residence in THE Studio at Grand Image.

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