Melanie Biehle


Through her artwork, Melanie Biehle explores the inner workings of the mind, mysteries of the  universe, and the often opposing energy of the city and the sea. 

The artist studied psychology in college and began her creative career first as a writer. After  working in Los Angeles as a screenwriter and film marketer, Melanie returned to Seattle, started  a family, and fell in love with painting. She studied abstract painting and composition at Gage  Academy of Art and further honed her eye through freelance graphic design and photography  assignments.

Today she creates large and small scale abstract paintings for private collectors, art consultants,  and interior designers. Each piece is painted with the intention to calm or energize a space  through the use of shape, color, and form.

Along with creating art for residential and commercial spaces around the world, the artist often  partners with companies who want to elevate their events, products, and marketing by  commissioning unique original artwork. Melanie’s work has been commissioned, purchased, and  licensed for photography backgrounds, digital art installations, apparel, and stationery.

Melanie was born in rural Louisiana but feels most at home on the West Coast. She has split her  time between Seattle and Los Angeles since 1999. Now she lives and paints by a lake near  Seattle with her husband, son, dog, and cat.


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