Lillis Werder


Lillis was born and raised in Fort Scott, Kansas. Lillis grew up with her grandparents who took her to Europe for summer vacations.  There, she developed a love of travel and for photography. A graduate from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, Lillis now lives in the DC area. After a long career at IBM, she pursued her creative goal and became a professional photographer.  Some of her previous exhibits include Dulles International Airport, Bethesda's National Institutes of Health (NIH), Alexandria's Torpedo Factory, DC's Edison Gallery, Morrison House Hotel, Barnes and Noble, Hylton Center for the Performing Arts, Occoquan's Mill Street Studio, and TTR Sotheby's in Chevy Chase, MD. Lillis focuses on her surroundings in DC, around the U.S., and Europe. Her images have been featured in National Geographic, RedBook, The Lancet,, the Washington Post, Manassas Journal Messenger, Fox News, Elan Magazine, business brochures, and Yellow Pages books. Lillis has self-published 20 books.

Her images have a mission: to capture both the rare and the everyday scenes that envelop Lillis and to present them in a captivating way. It may be an image of a beckoning remote landscape in a foreign land, an ancient castle in the Irish countryside, a grieving sculpture in an enchanting Czech cemetery, jazzy street performers in Louisiana's French Quarter or the inner city roughness of street scenes of Washington, DC. For any subject, Lillis wants the images she creates with her camera to generate unexpected thoughts and emotions in the viewer, and to bring attention to the interactions in the world around us that occur in everyday life. It is her hope that her images impart candid awareness of details and reality that may otherwise go unnoticed in our rapid-fire world. What matters to Lillis the most, though, is that she produces art that people want to put on their walls.

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