Kelly Neidig


Kelly was born in Coraopolis, a small borough of Pittsburgh, PA. Her favorite memories are of the long car rides to my grandparents’ house in the country. Kelly loved staring out the window watching the landscape zoom by.

She would sit next to her Pap at the dining room table and draw. After high school Kelly attended the Pennsylvania State University as a Landscape Architecture student.  She spent two years learning how to create and interpret the environment before her desire for art led Kelly to the Integrative Arts program. Kelly was able to use her Landscape background as a foundation for a degree in Art.  After graduation Kelly moved to Phoenix, AZ and spent 3 ½ years exploring the southwest and gaining inspiration from the vast open desert.  In 2005 her longing for rain, grass and trees led Kelly to the Portland, OR. Here, Kelly is an active member of the local art community and a participant in several charity events. Elements of the Pacific Northwest strongly appear in her paintings, yet they also reflect colors and memories from the place she has lived and traveled.

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