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Sarah Winkler’s artwork is inspired by landscape formation; the geology of place and environments in a state of flux. Since moving "out West" in 1998, her work has focused on Sarah’s adopted homeland - the deserts, alpine summits and ocean reefs - their geological features, biological structures, vivid light, saturated colors, textures and the climate forces that sculpt them. She is interested in both a scientific and artistic description of landscape - finding the truth of human perception and our connection to nature.

Sarah’s painting process involves sketching out potential ideas on a small scale using paint and collage. Interesting concepts are taken into a larger scale using painted and/or collage abstract textures to form naturalistic landscapes. She formats and prints her own designed collage papers using pigmented inks on archival art paper to guarantee light-fastness. Sarah’s custom built archival painting supports are fabricated in house from top grade Russian Birch and Maple woods; Sarah uses professional fine art paint media by Holbein and Golden brands. Each painting is finished with a UV protective varnish or wax coating. She works on larger sizes for special commissions. Her largest work to date was a 9 x 16 feet commission now hanging in Las Vegas.

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