Mimi Payne


Mimi Payne grew up on the east coast and spent her summers at the beach, where she was introduced to the idea of the quintessential beach town at an early age. Combining this love of seaside towns with photography has been a natural progression for her, and has been Mimi’s creative outlet for over 25 years. Mimi still loves taking road trips to photograph the things that characterize living by the sea. The boardwalks, the piers, the beach pavilions, the sand dunes, and island ferries all evoke a sense of timelessness and tranquility that she wants to return to again and again.

Photography and love of travel are her constants, providing unique experiences that continue to shape and reshape her artistic perspective. In between travels, Mimi is fortunate to live in the Pacific Northwest which provides an inspiring visual mix of urban life and natural beauty. Slowing down to find and capture color, design and patina in the everyday continues to inspire and engage her. 

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