Amanda Coleman


To me, the cityscape is a structured environment where we live in constant flux. Through the constructive and destructive processes of change, history reveals itself in urban spaces. New developments encroach on older architecture, paving the way for modernization. I want my paintings to speak to the ideas of history and change, where layering of imagery is reminiscent of the historical ordering in the city sphere.

A cityscape is physically constructed not only from cracked grey concrete and reinforced steel, but is also inherently transparent, where each moment we experience dissolves into the next. This idea of transparency acts as a window, allowing us to perceive multiple spaces at once. Visually, we may look up at the clouds for a moment, then ahead to the stoplight, and catch a reflection in a window. We constantly are scanning and searching to see as much as we can. The bits of visual information that we retain tend to blur, fade, and transform into our memories of that place. While you might find the implicit geometry of the city in the paintings, these transparent recollections of urban life are the driving force behind my work.

2004 BFA in Painting from the University of Michigan
Graduated Summa Cum Laude

2006 Patricia Cameron Gallery, Seattle, WA

2007 City Views, Larson Gallery, Yakima, WA
2004 Work Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI
Kerrytown Concert House, Ann Arbor, MI
Birmingham Bloom eld Art Center, Birmingham, MI
2003 Work Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI
2002 Work Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI
Work Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI

2004 Art Showcase Magazine

2004 Guy Pallazola Memorial Award
2000-2004 Shipman Scholarship for the top ten incoming freshman at the University of Michigan
University Honors
Dean’s List
2002-2003 James B. Angell Scholar
2001 William J. Branstrom Freshman Prize

Boston, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Seattle

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