Shams Rasheed is an artist who devotes a great deal of passion exploring the beauty in all things in nature as well as occasional foray into the realm of man-made objects.

Physician by profession, now retired, he has always loved making photographic images. His pursuit of photography began while attending medical school in his native Pakistan and continued during his medical training in the UK and later in the USA. The fall colors of New England and snowy landscapes of North Dakota were some of the themes he explored.

The underlying component of his photography is the play of color, some times vibrant and dramatic and other times soft and subtle, but unique in its form. Color is the essential component in all of Dr. Rasheed's work, along with his innate ability to showcase the subtleties in objects that are missed by the naked eye.
Objects can range from rusted metal, chipped paint, tar, algae to the nuances deep within a flower.

His work has matured at a steady pace along with his travels all over the world. The exotic flora of Hawaii, the vibrant colors of Pakistan, the stunning artistry of Morocco, the serenity of Santa Fe and the cool tones of Greek Islands are just some of the backdrops he has explored.

Now free from the rigors and constraints of the medical profession, Shams has been able to immerse himself completely into his art. A perfectionist by nature, he is always looking to improve his work. He has transitioned from film based imaging and Cibachrome print making in a conventional darkroom to completely digital workflow with its challenges and rewards.

His newest venture is combining his work with his daughter Saba, an accomplished fine art and multimedia artist. The combination of these genres is producing exciting and truly unique works that are breathtaking in both in scope and vision.
Shams has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions. His work has been incorporated into a calendar and has garnered numerous awards in juried art competitions.

His work is in the permanent collection of McAllen International Museum and Brownsville art museum, both in south Texas.

Shams's work is always vibrant and quite distinctive, whether it is hanging in a private residence or a professional office, the effect is the same. There is no denying the beauty and attention to detail each of his pieces exude.

Saba Rasheed was born in Pakistan and grew up in the United States. From a very young age she was exposed to, and learned to appreciate art from all over the world.

Saba has a Masters in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute in NY, and also holds degrees in multimedia, fashion illustration, and anthropology studied at the University of North Texas and The College of Applied Arts in London. She received The Emelio Pucci Scholarship in London, won her first Art competition in 1990 and has had solo and group exhibitions in Dallas and New York.

Currently, she works as a designer for her family's home textile business and as a contract digital, web, and multimedia designer. All these influences have contributed to her work's style and approach. Working with digital tools on a daily basis, combined with her experience with old world designs and textures has created a very intricate balance of contemporary design with a classic feel that is quite evident in all of Saba's work. Texture plays a vital role perhaps from the textile exposure, and color is actually the most important factor in her work.

The science and quality of color is a direct influence from the work of her father. As far back as she can remember, Dr. Shams Rasheed has been producing and exhibiting his vibrant, cibachrome and digital abstract prints throughout her entire life. "I remember asking him about the chemicals and how he produces the right color. I consider my father a colorist. He sees things in a way, that I still try to learn from".

Saba's work reflects Eastern influences through the means of extremely intricate detailing, inspired from line-work in old Kufic style manuscripts. Although these textures have an ancient feel to them, Saba's work is fresh, modern and possesses an abstract quality that produces an unexpected combination. Her materials are equally intriguing. She uses watercolor on linen and wood, built up with numerous thin layers and given weight and texture with absorbent ground underneath. Some works include materials such as glass, clear tar, henna, tea and semi-precious mineral paint. Water media is the perfect fit for Saba because of the idea of staining the surface. It is important for her to keep the process and look feeling fresh and luminous, yet rich in texture and permanent. Although the work is primarily abstract, the subjects are inspired from nature. The intricate line-work often starts with script then becomes exaggerated creating a motif that dictates the flow and composition of the work. This idea was inspired from old manuscripts in which the calligraphers would continue the scrollwork of the line beyond the words to beautify the page. Each piece is produced in a way that it commands attention from afar, yet when introduced close up the work often reveals new worlds of intricate details.

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