Hong Pham


Born in Saigon, Vietnam in 1976, a year after the Vietnam War ended. He was a part of the wave of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese immigrants who used boats of all kinds to escape war torn Vietnam, and thus dubbed the "boat people." After a brief stay in refugee camp in Thailand, his family arrived in the US in 1980 and was sponsored to Detroit, Michigan where he grew up.

Inheriting his artistic talents from his dad and he briefly flirted with the idea of art school before deciding to attended the University of Michigan, where new interests led him to major in Modern Southeast Asian history as well as continuing on to medical school also at the University of Michigan. Throughout school, he nurtured his interests in photography and having entered radiology, it dawned on him how similar the two disciplines really are and with some experimentation he developed a new passion for X-ray art.

“Combining my love of radiology with my fascination for photography, I am continually amazed at how X-rays, an energy source that penetrates through objects, can bring to light so much beauty that was not readily appreciated before.”

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