Cory Steffen


Cory Steffen was born and raised in Southern California to a family of creatives. He first gained a love for the visual arts while a young teenager working primarily in pen and ink. His interests then shifted to printmaking with an emphasis on relief, which would ultimately lead to a degree in Fine Art from Westmont College in Santa Barbara.

Starting out his career as a painter, Cory gradually shifted into a career in graphic design. For the last ten years, he has worked full time as a graphic designer and found the evolution of technology, specifically the computer to be a constant source of inspiration and extremely useful as an artistic tool. On occasion, the artist will use the computer as a sketching medium for a fine art piece, or building composites of different images that inspire him to create other works.

But for all that technology offers, Cory finds that there is no substitute for a physical paintbrush and tubes of paint. From landscapes to motorcycles, he finds inspiration in variety, always working with different media and subject matter, never content to be known only as a printmaker, painter or designer. From oak dotted hills to detailed portraits he truly believes that they’re all just “scapes”, the interplay of light and shadow, temperature and distance. And from clouds to relief prints he looks for meaning in the everyday things we see. Some days he’s a painter, some a designer, but he always feels blessed that he’s able to simply make a living as an artist.

Cory has a lovely wife and three beautiful children that keep him young at heart and always inspired and active.

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