Ellen Hermanos


“My interest lies in the exploration of the uses of color and the subsequent creation of texture. A brush, a palette knife, and a sponge roller lay on or remove color. My work is primarily the product of unintentional combinations of color and texture, which create new, unexpected results. Newness presents opportunity to change the direction of the work, decision-making of what parts remain and what is then reworked. Blocks of color, the anti-form, detract from a subject, in favor of color and texture. Most of my paintings have many layers. Some are finished works, then reworked, which show through the surface, insinuating another time, layer, and life.”


Museum School of Fine Arts/Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice, Italy, June 1999
Graphic Design Certificate, Massachusetts College of Art, May 1992
BA Art History/Fine Art, William Smith College

Recent Showings

The Stove Factory Gallery, Charlestown, MA
Corners Gallery, Boston Design Center, MA
Artana Gallery, Coolidge Corner, Brookline, MA
Back Bay Framery, Newbury Street, Boston, MA
Charlesmark Hotel, Boston, MA
Claremont Café, South End, Boston, MA
Crystal Duell Arts, South Boston Open Studio, Boston, MA
Gallery Diva, New Orleans, LA

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