M.B. Phelps


Born in a Midwest rural community, M.B. Phelps has always enjoyed the outdoors. A true lover of nature, most of the artist’s imagery is captured in remote inaccessible wilderness areas that are captured during extended backpacking trips into his favorite secret places.

Architecture has also been a source of M.B.’s subjects as he enjoys the contrast, and similarities between what’s found in nature and what has been manufactured. The artist allows the camera lens to capture his innermost thoughts and dreams, narrating a story behind each photograph. “Words can’t always describe the emotion of how an image affects you the way a image can. It touches each person in it’s own unique way, leaving it’s message forever engrained in their hearts.” M.B. sees this as a way for him to share his legacy for generations to come.

Working exclusively in the digital realm, he creates fine art prints, stock photography, photo mosaics, large format panoramic imagery, and portraiture. The artist also creates photo collage works incorporating many different elements combined, into works of art that are theme based for corporate, hospitality, or private installation. He especially enjoys the challenge of capturing or directly from the camera.

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