Filipo Ioco


Is it real or is it Filippo?

A man wears a bathing suit, or does he? What looks like a can of beer is actually comprised of painted models. A woman miraculously blends into her rocky surroundings. These are just some of the illusions created by artist Filippo ioco.

Italian born Piscean, Filippo ioco, enjoys living life to its fullest. It’s no wonder then that through this vastly creative talent that “Movement of Color” was born. “Movement of Color” is an art form that eliminates all objects, shapes, and materialistic things, concentrating solely on the use of color and the play of imagination. This became the underlying strength of his life and fine art career, yet Filippo strived to go further with this new movement. Once participating in an art exhibit, he realized that his work should never be repetitive. He chose to affect the minds of the viewers leading to his next creation,” Body Painting”. Finally, “Movement of Color” came to true life. The body painted into the painting, became one. After capturing and preserving this on film, “Bodies of Color” was born. This new medium was mastered into nature, animals and from bathing suits to corsets on both men and women and anything else that he could paint one into, it may look real but in reality it is a vision created by Filippo. This opened up new artistic possibilities for Filippo making him a respected worldwide body painter and fine artist. Through it he has been able to explore the importance of color, the power of imagination, emotion, and fantasy. The human figure/ nudity, sexuality, gender bending and discrimination of skin color have been expressed in his work.

His new revolution in art soon stretched the globe from gallery shows at the Gallement International Gallery in New York City to the Soicher - Marin Gallery in Los Angeles to name just two. Filippo’s fine art and decorative art have also been displayed in the MGM and Marriott Hotels, retail outlets Marshall Fields, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Target and Wallmart and sold on web sites such as and Filippo’s fine art work has also been seen on HBO’s “Entourage” and “CSI Miami” on CBS. It has also been show cased in publications such as “Hollywood Life” and “House Beautiful”. Through his body painting Filippo has discussed his work in various print interviews such as “The San Juan Magazine” and “The Makeup Magazine” plus personal appearances on ABC’s “Good Morning America”, “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not”, The Travel Channel and featured on CNN’s “Larry King Live”. Ad campaigns and Special events have also been a major source of exposure for Filippo’s body painting. Anheuser Bush, Argosy Casino, AOL, Artisan Entertainment, Bacardi, Cirque Du Soleil, Coors Light, Elizabeth Arden, Heineken, KFC, Lowenbrau, Mac Cosmetics, MTV, Palms Casino & Resort, Philip Morris, Playboy, Red Bull and Samsung have all commissioned work from Filippo. In addition, Filippo has used his artistic creativity in bringing awareness to causes and organizations that support children with HIV/ AIDS, AIDS research, breast cancer and the abuse against women and children.

As he continues to explore new ideas, Filippo ioco proves himself an asset to the art world of our time and of that to come.

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