Soraya Chemaly


Soraya Chemaly is a self-taught artist who grew up in the Bahamas. Her work consists mainly of large-scale flowers painted in vivid, contemporary, contrasting colors. Her lush, full flowers are heavily influenced by the indigenous art of the Caribbean. Haitian art in particular was a strong influence in her artistic development. Like much of this art, the flowers in her paintings take on a life of their own, often evoking dance, gestures, and moods. Her stylized and often fanciful images convey simplicity and beauty and resemble the movement of the human body.

Applying and mixing colors directly to the canvas results in paintings that are deep in color, texture, and vibrancy. She enjoys painting large, simple images that focus the viewer's attention on unconventionally contrasted, but harmonious colors.

She moved permanently to the United States after completing her studies and has been a resident of Washington, DC for 18 years. She is married and has three children.

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