Sandra Pratt


Sandra Pratt's dramatic landscapes yield a sense of control amongst the chaos of color. Each scene offers a glimpse of familiarity, a universal representation of place. Her romanticized landscapes, smoky and introspective, are something we have all seen from a distance or experienced in one form or another. Each scene offers a glimpse of familiarity, a universal representation of place. Ms. Pratt's paintings capture a moment in time.

Ms. Pratt lays down color and texture by her most preferable method, the palette knife. This tool allows her to work quickly and capture the general feeling of each painting. She works spontaneously, yet with a clear intention of each mark she makes. Ms. Pratt builds up layers of color and texture, making each piece a catalyst for an emotional response. She pays close attention to compositional elements. Ms. Pratt's lines and colors combine to create representations that allow for diversified interpretations. It is a personal goal for the artist to achieve a look of completion in addition to simplicity in each painting.

Born in Chicago, Ms. Pratt briefly attended the Art Institute of Chicago. However, she is primarily a self-educated painter who consciously pursues the challenge of exploration and experimentation in her works. She finds inspiration from images in memories and daily experience, as well as from her time spent in the countryside of France.

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