Julieann Johnson


As a self-taught artist, Julieann Johnson paints in watercolors, acrylics, and oils. By focusing on landscapes and botanicals as central motifs, she connects with a world of nature. She is an enthusiastic hiker and enjoys searching for beautiful landscapes to paint. Her travels have taken her all over California, the Hawaiian Islands, as well as Europe.

Studies in botany and bird watching have led Johnson into an appreciation of natural history and helped refine her visual vocabulary in floral botanical and bird illustration. Incorporating various drawing and painting skills as well as other mediums have segued into collage works, and her keen sense of design and balance translate well into the process. By cropping images, attention is given to details, and each element takes on abstract qualities. She also enjoys the challenge of plein-air painting and often hikes long distances to capture a desired location.

Landscape artist influences include Russell Chatham, William Wendt, Percy Gray, and Giuseppe Cadenasso. She is also inspired by the detailed botanicals and bird paintings of Pierre-Joseph Redoute, Mark Gatesby, John Livingston, and James Audubon, as well as the Japanese prints by Hiroshige.

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