Magdalena Greene


Born in a small town near Krakow, Magdalena Greene’s formative years were spent in the cities of southern Poland. Magdalena explored and enjoyed hiking in the beautiful mountains in the region, and the purity and healing power of nature have always had an overwhelming influence on her creativity. In 1975, professors from the College of Fine Arts proposed she entered a competition to be one of only fifty-four masters students at Poland’s most prestigious art school- The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She exhibited extensively through Poland and Germany until 1981. During a vacation to The United States, Martial Law was declared in Poland, and the artist postponed her return. She has remained in the US since that time, though she visits Western Europe for art exhibits and to see her family. Magdalena Greene explains her approach to painting, “My canvases do contain elements of impressionism, though the images, color treatments, and tonal values are entirely personal. My primary concern is to liberate the subject. After all, the act of painting should be a release for the artist; only then might the finished work transcend the ordinary.”

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