Gregory Garrett


Born in 1969, Gregory Garrett grew up in Ohio. A self- taught artist, Garrett drew upon adventures and travel as inspiration for his expression. Spending a number of years living in Bali broadened his cultural and historical awareness, and engaged him in a life- long pursuit of art including music and photography.

Garrett had no choice but to be an artist. From and early age, light and darkness fascinated him. His earliest childhood memory found him sitting by himself, watching the sunlight stream through the venetian blinds as the dust particles danced on the rays of light. "I lost and found myself as I watched the light stream into my parents' living room. Somehow I knew what I was experiencing was truth."This particular moment was pivotal in his development as an artist for years to come.

During his formative years, Mr. Garrett concentrated on the major works of many great painters, ranging from Caravaggio to Picasso. His infatuation with art lead him to understand that art is an essential factor in being human and that history is crucial for the development of art. �Art is not created in a vacuum. It must have history to live. Art should be a reflection of the artist's past, present and future.�

When asked about his major influences, Garrett feels affected by every artist he�s ever seen. Aware of his own unique place in time, he finds inspiration in contemporary living and working artists, and feels that now is the most important period in the history of art.

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