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Grand Image is always interested in viewing the work of artists not under contract with other companies. Whether an established professional, or an emerging talent with a fresh point of view, we invite you to send us samples of your work digitally. All submissions are reviewed by our Art Committee. In order to have your work considered in a timely manner, please send your submissions to Rachel Reid, Artist Relations at .
Q. How do I submit artwork for consideration?
A. If you are an artist interested in working with Grand Image, please email . To submit, send a collection of e-mailable jpgs and/or links to your website(s). Please include a quick introduction about yourself and your work, as well as, how you found Grand Image. Note — Please do not send original art in the mail!
Q. Do you want to see a representation of my work, or just pieces that are available for publishing?
A. We are primarily interested in seeing work that is available for publishing, however, if you have samples of work that you feel are important to your oeuvre and could potentially become available in the future, we would be interested in seeing this as well.
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