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Topaz Hotel, Washington, DC

The Challenge

As one of the Northwest’s leading hospitality design firms, our client was looking for guest room art for the Topaz Hotel (A Kimpton Hotel) in Washington DC.Topaz is a hip, high-energy boutique hotel, and the model room designs reflected its sophisticated, enlightened and exotic flavor. In the design concepts presented to the hotel, the focal point of each guestroom decor was an image of a glittery eye hung above the bed.The inspiration for the artwork came from the vibrant colors of Cirque du Soleil mixed with dramatic and seductive energy of Lady Gaga.


The concept image had been sourced by the designer from Google images (not from any existing artist or product line) so after the hotel approved the guestroom rendering, the designers came to Grand Image to see if we could find and produce artwork that would match the concept.


The final project would include art and framing for 100 guest rooms in the hotel.

The Solution

The proposed image was so specific that we had to be creative to match the spec. We attempted to find the artist who had created the original concept image with no luck, so we commissioned artist Nolan Harris to create a photorealistic painting of a glittered eye, based on the original concept image.


The painting was approved by the designers, captured for reproduction, printed and framed for the model room.

After the presentation of the model room to the hotel, the designers came back to us asking for “more glitter!” The GI ArtLab team applied actual glitter to the print, recaptured and printed the new artwork for the guestrooms.


The Result

The result was a completely custom art piece that matched exactly the original designer’s concept. The design team and their hospitality client were thrilled with the final outcome and the finished artwork has been installed in 100 guestrooms in the Topaz Hotel.


For this project Grand Image acted as a designer liaison; providing creative direction, managing custom artwork creation, digitally capturing, printing, and framing 100 pieces all within budget and on time.The finished artwork contributed to the exquisite, high style décor of the hotel and enhanced brand recognition for the client.


Art Direction, Custom Artwork Creation, Artist Management, Framing, Transportation

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