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Sugar Happens Store, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

The Challenge

Our client was opening a second “Sugar Happens” candy store in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and wanted to feature colorful and mouth-watering photographs of candy on a large 11’ x 7’ wall.The enticing image of candy and the large scale of the finished artwork is intended to draw customers in from the interior of an indoor mall.The artwork had to be durable enough to withstand high traffic wear. The store designer could not find appropriate imagery on stock photography sites that could be printed at a large scale and still look crisp.The client also had very specific requests regarding color of candy in the image, but a budget that couldn’t accommodate many design revisions.

The Solution

The designer sent inspiration images of gummy bears, lollipops and other bright candies. Grand Image commissioned one of our artists to produce a photographic image, custom coloring the image to enhance its appearance and color saturation.

Hiner82958 SugarHappens

The created image was large and easily met the printed size requirements without over-pixilating. It was printed on high gloss vinyl wallpaper.We also arranged for a professional installer to put up the wallpaper in the store in time for the grand opening.

The Result

Sweet eye candy!For this project Grand Image acted as a designer liaison; creating custom artwork to be printed on durable wallpaper, assisting with shipping and installation, and providing a creative solution that enhanced brand recognition for the client.

Our client turned to Grand Image for the project because “Sugar Happens!”


Designer Liaison, Custom Artwork Creation, Digital Capture, Printing on Wallpaper, Artwork Installation

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