Case Studies

The designers wanted to create a feature art installation in this show suite at the new Meccanica condominium development in Vancouver, BC. The concept was to create a gallery wall that reflects the eclectic, modern taste of the client’s target homebuyer. For the discriminating modern home buyer, generic poster art just won’t do. The designers needed to find distinctive, high quality artwork available in miniature size, and within a tight budget and tight time frame!

Neiman Marcus is known for their high end art collection specifically curated for each store. Each collection is curated from local artists and sculptors and artisans. The curator is very respectful of artists’ local representation and chooses to only work through consultants and galleries to make sure the collection is well represented by the local gallery scene. Because Grand Image is located in Seattle, many artists led the curator back to Grand Image.

Founded in 1565, St. Augustine, FL is the oldest continuously occupied European-established city and port in the continental United States. The Flagler Hospital opened in St. Augustine in 1890 and has operated as a non-profit institution in the city ever since. When it came time to renovate last year, hospital designers wanted to emulate the forward thinking artistic community while preserving the organization's history and creating a sense of balance for its patients.

Our client came to us with a unique custom art request for the lobby of the Grand Hotel in Minneapolis, MN. The design concept of the hotel and bar area is a contemporary take on the theme of the Roman Coliseum. The designers juxtaposed luxurious and contemporary finishes and furnishings with unique sculpture and art throughout the hotel that conjures up images of gladiators, wild animals, and the spectacle of the ancient coliseum battles.

As one of the Northwest’s leading hospitality design firms, our client was looking for guest room art for the Topaz Hotel (A Kimpton Hotel) in Washington DC.Topaz is a�hip, high-energy boutique hotel, and the model room designs reflected its sophisticated, enlightened and exotic flavor. In the design concepts presented to the hotel, the focal point of each guestroom decor was an image of a glittery eye hung above the bed.The inspiration for the artwork came from the vibrant colors ofCirque du Soleil mixed with dramatic and seductive energy of Lady Gaga.The concept image had been sourced by the designer from Google images (not from any existing artist or product line) so after the hotel approved the guestroom rendering, the designers came to Grand Image to see if we could find and produce artwork that would match the concept.The final project would include art and framing for 100 guest rooms in the hotel.

An international design and architecture firm was working on a hotel renovation in Cairo, Egypt and came to us with a very particular request.For their model room, they wanted a fine art print of an old image of Cairo they had in their possession.The artist of the image was unknown, and they didn’t have legal rights to reproduce the image. Our challenge was creating a new digital mockup of the image to be an artistic reference for a contemporary artist to paint from and be different from the original image so not to infringe on the copyright laws.The client wanted to see a rough image idea to sign off on before they moved ahead with the project.

The guestroom art for this boutique hotel needed to reflect the hotel’s grand architecture and design, based on theeccentric blend of the city’s vibrant past and dynamic present.The client had a very specific Elizabethan inspired artwork in mind that would communicate the unique, colorful and quirky character of the hotel and be the primary focus of each guestroom. The artwork had to be printed at a large 50” x 34” size.The challenge was providing custom and specific imagery that could be printed to our client’s size specifications within the parameters of the budget.

Sweet eye candy! For this project Grand Image acted as a designer liaison; creating custom artwork to be printed on durable wallpaper, assisting with shipping and installation, and providing a creative solution that enhanced brand recognition for the client.

Our client turned to Grand Image for the project because “Sugar Happens!”

As one of the Northwest’s leading architecture and design firms, our client was looking for artwork for several areas in the newly renovated Pacific Plaza building.The Pacific Plaza building is a prime office and retail facility in a beautifully refurbished section of downtown Tacoma, WA.

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