Posted by Inna / to Ideas / on March 24, 2011

On average, people spend around 45 minutes each day in the bathroom. This is the place where we remain alone with ourselves, relax with a good long soak in a tub or even read a book or magazine to help us unwind and escape the mundane experiences of the daily grind.

One might think that bathroom is a less-than-ideal place to display your best artwork. And while hanging expensive artwork in a steamy bathroom is never a good idea, art can be a crucial part of the bathroom décor.It helps a purely functional space feel warm and inviting.The question is, what type and kind of artwork should you buy for your bathroom?

Posted by Amy / to Capabilities / on March 10, 2011

I love the concept of creating a unique piece of art for a specific space.Where else would you find the Eiffel Tower but in Paris?Mount Rushmore is all-American, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa?You get the idea.One of my favorite custom options at Grand Image is our ability to create unique pieces of art by changing colors in existing images.Without the expense of creating a completely custom piece of art, clients can reference a pantone color, paint chip, or fabric swatch and create a completely individual piece of art that fits a particular space and mood using already existing imagery.

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