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'Eames: The Architect and the Painter,' a documentary narrated by James Franco. Directed by Jason Cohn and Bill Jersey, from a screenplay by Cohn. 84 minutes. Not rated; suitable for mature audiences. Northwest Film Forum (Seattle), through Thursday, December 1st, 2011. Check your local listings to see show times near you.

Posted by Lauren / to News, Artwork, Artists / on November 15, 2011

The most recent release of Grand Image’s Print on Demand (POD) line welcomes ReD Ognita to the stable.  ReD Ognita is an award-winning photographer, born in Philippines and currently living and working in Beijing, China.  Ognita’s images have a distinctive aesthetic inspired by the architecture of his environment in China–similar to Hiroshi Sugimoto’s ‘Seascapes’ and the quite contemplative nature of a Mark Rothko painting.

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Posted by Kate / to Artwork, Style, Industry Trends / on November 2, 2011

Two little letters sum up the hottest trend I spotted at High Point;

RE-cycled, RE-claimed, RE-purposed

This actually hit me out of the blue, while Larry and I were walking to lunch one of the afternoons at market.  He asked me, “what trends or new things have you seen”, and I thought about it and realized, not really “new” but old in a new way was what I really took away from most of the case goods and even some of the soft goods showrooms.

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