Posted by Lauren / to News, Events, Seattle / on October 20, 2011

Grand Image to host the Northwest's NEWH Hospitality Industry Network 'Honor 4 Awards' on November 30th. The event honors excellence in the industry and anounces this year's scholarship recipients. 

Location: Grand Image, 4730 Ohio Ave. South, Seattle, WA 98134

Time: 6:00pm cocktail reception, 7:30pm awards ceremony

Cost: FREE for members!, $10 for non-members + Amenities


Posted by Lauren / to Trends, Ideas, Interior Design / on October 14, 2011

In yesterday's inbox there was a great new article from GOOP about Decorating with Contemporary Art. Interior Designer, Art Consultant and all around tastemaker Maria Brito goes over a variety of ways to mix contemporary art & interior design in any environment. Below is an excerpt covering ‘How to Buy Art' that we at Grand Image all found very interesting! At Grand Image we publish a variety of artists that are represented by galleries all over the USA and encourage you to look through our POD & BED collections to find artworks that meet both your interior design and personal taste needs. Links to the featured Grand Image products: Judy Morlock #81611, Patrick Atkinson #82528 (alternative substrates information), JB Hall Original on Canvas #HJOC-237.

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Posted by Lauren / to Artists, Exhibitions, Art World / on October 11, 2011

Grand Image invites you to attend the opening of master tapestry artist Jan Yoor's retrospective exhibition in Paris this month. Couleurs Shock opens at newly renovated Galerie Chevalier on Thursday October 20th which coincides with the opening of the international contemporary art fair FIAC and runs through November 26th 2011. This is a rare opportunity for industry professionals and art consultants attending this year's FIAC to experience these monumental original works in person. To view Jan Yoors entire POD Collection, click HERE.

Posted by Larry / to News / on October 6, 2011


Techie is not a word friends would include when describing me but Steve Jobs was one of my heroes.  There are designers and there are suits.  Steve was extraordinarily both, and what change he brought with that power.  Thank you Steve for showing the world that in business, design, beauty and cool do matter, and the market will reward you for caring about aesthetics. 

Please feel free to share your comments.


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