Devanís Top 10 Rundown of the #London2012 Olympics
Posted by Devan / to Ideas, News, Budget Editions (BED) / on August 1, 2012

Among the normal excitement of summer in Seattle this year, our team at Grand Image is particularly abuzz with Olympics fever!† I’m a huge fan – my husband, Chris, and I get so excited for the games! The athletics and the fanfare and the international community as a whole always entertain me.† You get so much out of an event like that – the triumphs, the failures, the faux pas, the pride, the inspiration and passion you see when athletes have the opportunity to represent their countries.†

Devan’s Top 10 points of notes regarding the games thus far:

  1. The opening ceremony: ok – overall I get what Danny Boy(le) was trying to achieve but for me the jury is still out on the big giant baby.†
  1. Could Pau Gasol have been any prouder to carry Spain’s flag in the opening ceremonies?† I heard the flag bearer was to be Rafael Nadal but since he was injured they asked Pau who was like, “Uh, no problem!”† Cute!† I’m excited for more basketball games!†
  1. The copper petals that made up the caldron surprised me – I was wondering why these young people were carrying weird copper dishes with the flag bearers of each country.† Thank goodness that all came together – I kept wondering if they would drop this mysterious copper dish and then what would happen???† It reminded me of the “spirit stick” from Bring It On.
  1. Congrats to the USA women’s gymnastics team for winning gold!† Awesome!† I personally felt Mulroney deserved a perfect score for her vault but the judges thought differently.† Ultimately, the judges don’t ask my opinion (even though they should, no?)
  1. Uruguay’s Luis Saurez (soccer) got his come-uppance when Senegal dominated for the win!
  1. I cried my eyes out watching the cyclist from Kazakhstan win gold for his country.† He was so proud to hear his national anthem.† Good for him!†

  1. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a group as organized as “the mop crew” for the indoor volleyball matches.† They are something to watch if you aren’t completely focused on the volleyball players themselves.†
  1. I was memorized by the women’s synchronized diving teams – China, Mexico and Malaysia all killed it.† And the duo from Mexico was so proud to represent their country – you could see it in their smiles as they tried to hide behind their little towels.†† (I do not understand the little diving towels but that’s a whole other segment.)† I was sorry to see Great Britain be edged out by Malaysia – Tonia Couch holds a special place in my heart as she looks just like my sister, Janna.
  1. Hope Solo and her twitchy Twitter issues. Focus on the team, Hope, focus on the team!† It’s interesting at how Twitter is so involved in this year’s games…I don’t think Twitter was as big in 2010…was it?† By the way, you should be following me at @grandimagedevan #London2012#Olympics
  1. And then…Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte and the US men’s swimming team – last night I felt redeemed…finally!† Congrats to those swimmers of other countries who have pulled out some major triumphs!† And well done to Phelps whose is now the most decorated Olympian…ever.† He’s had his ups and downs…but…in the end, no one can contest it’s a HUGE achievement.† My biggest achievement today is avoiding the Hershey’s chocolate bar in my desk drawer so big kudos to Michael Phelps!†

Chris and I are excited for the men’s synchronized diving finals – we were able to go to the qualifying trials here in Seattle at the Federal Way Aquatic Center early this spring.† I hope Dumais / Ipsen bring home a medal!† ††

August 7, 2012
  This review is so colorful and well-written it makes me almost want to watch the 2012 London Olies. Almost. Give me your chocolate.
August 2, 2012
  I'm a great color commentator. Get it? Color. Art. Nevermind. the chocolate bar is mine. HOWEVER - congrats to Dumais and Ipsen for bringing home the bronze!!! Their families are so happy - we met them at the qualifying match - the Aunt of one of them has probably since fainted - she was already so excited. : ) And...kudos to the judos! USA women's judo - GOLD.
August 2, 2012
  Great post Devan! You might want to consider moonlighting for ESPN someday :)
August 1, 2012
  I have yet to eat the chocolate bar.

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