Being the New Kid @GI by Rhonda
Posted by Rhonda / to Seattle, Behind the Scenes / on August 6, 2012

I am one of the new kids on the block. No, not the boy band we all know and loved but, one of the newest members of the Grand Image family. My first three weeks have been a whirl wind of activities.  The Grand Image staff is a fun loving group with an eye for art and a passion for good food. As Devan, the National Sales Manager, said to me, “if we aren’t selling we are eating”

My first week here Grand Image had our annual Block Party event.  It was fun to be able to bring my daughter and show her the Grand Image corporate offices. She has already picked out some art she wants for herself. 

Sarak Atkinson's Everlong, 2009

Now mom needs to decide between braces or an original piece of art for a 14 year old.  Hm…  We also were able to enjoy some amazing gourmet sandwiches and desserts from the Essential Baking Company.  It was a successful and fun event and I was happy to be a part of it.  It was a good kickstart to my career here at GI. 

Grand Image's Block Party Spread by the Essential Baking Company

The following week the sales team was in Seattle for our semi-annual meeting.  I had the opportunity to meet our remote account managers whom previously I only knew through emails and phone calls. It was so nice to put faces to names – I’m excited to one day have the chance to meet our customers as well!  

GI Team [Kate, Devan & Amy] at Catcus Alki Beach/West Seattle

Having the whole team together brought a huge force of energy.  I can see why our sales team is so successful – not only are they smart and professional but they also have a great time.  And…as par for the course…there was more discussion over food. Seems when the account managers come in they plan the week around what to eat. 

Devan and Amy at Ray's Boathouse

The morning conversations were all about what we had for dinner the night before and what we were planning for lunch. Madison showed me where the local food trucks park.  They have a rotating schedule of trucks with themes. Thursday was the creole day. I had a po` boy and beignets.  Where Ya At Matt was my best lunch of the week! 

Maeve Harris 10 year Celebration at Black Bottle
[top row L to R: Rhonda, Kate, Vanessa & Devan; bottom row L to R: Lauren, Maeve, Amy & Madison]

The semi-annual sales week ended with a dinner at the Black Bottle with Maeve Harris celebrating Maeve’s 10 year career with Grand Image.  (2 weeks for me of working with her but I have known of her and her work for much longer) It was great night of food, wine, and more discussion of food. We even talk about it while we are eating. My favorite dish of the night was the Blasted Broccoli - I will be going back to Black Bottle to enjoy that on date night.

Vanessa and Amy at Easy Street Cafe

As if not to disappoint, I woke up to a Facebook post from Devan.  They had stopped off at a café for brunch on the way to airport.  Never fails.

In the end, good food, good people, good art…this looks like a very promising start to fulfilling career with the Grand Image team. 

Amy Parry
August 6, 2012
  Haha! We do like to eat, don't we! Welcome to the team, Rhonda. It was wonderful getting to work and play with you!

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