Modern, Mid Century Modern and Mad Men
Posted by Kate / to Trends, Art on TV, Limited Editions (POD) / on April 16, 2012

Modern and Mid Century Modern are terms that are often bandied about in the design industry. Grand Image takes them very seriously. Modern (with a focus on Mid Century aesthetics) has been a consistent theme at Grand Image since its inception. On our website’s advanced search feature you will find a category called “Modern” and those works are specifically curated to reflect the aesthetic of modern design from the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Not only have we offered contemporary riffs on the Modern style with current artist like Mary Calkins, but we are also privileged and honored to represent the Fine Art Prints of Mid Century masters Charles and Ray Eames, as well as Jan Yoors.

As a Mad Men-iac since Season 1 episode 1, I pay particular attention to the set decoration, and its attention to details.  In numerous interviews with creator Matthew Weiner, he notes that they go to great lengths to recreate or acquire period specific and meticulously researched details for each and every set.

Knowing that I was THRILLED to tune into Season 6 episode 1 and see one of our Mary Calkins paintings in the lobby of Cooper, Sterling, Draper, Pryce.

We believe this painting offers the best of what is Modern with the best of what we consider Contemporary- painted by a living artist of this generation.  Some of the things that really lent period authenticity to this original were the use of actual cork in the piece, and also specifically researched historic coloring.

“Syncopated Vision” by Mary Calkins is also available in our Limited Edition (POD) line.

Lauren Albrecht
April 17, 2012
  It's amazing to see these artworks placed in the right setting - Kudos to Mad Men's set designers for making the 1950s & 1960s come to life on set!

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