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Posted by Lauren / to Trends, Ideas, Interior Design / on October 14, 2011

In yesterday's inbox there was a great new article from GOOP about Decorating with Contemporary Art. Interior Designer, Art Consultant and all around Tastemaker Maria Brito goes over a variety of ways to mix contemporary art & interior design in any environment. Below is an excerpt covering ‘How to Buy Art' that we at Grand Image all found very interesting!

From Maria Brito*

"I love creating rooms that are aesthetically compelling, some of them with an edge, some of them a bit more traditional, most of them with color (either a lot or with a good amount of accents) but all of them with some form of contemporary art (roughly anything created between 1947 and today.)

Contemporary art is the art of our times and the art that reflects who we are individually and as a society. It engages the eye and the mind and can open doors and windows to places as remote as Kyoto or as close as Brooklyn. It should not be difficult to live with such an engaging and interesting form of expression, and yet, as an interior designer and a collector myself, I see that not enough people are enjoying the opportunity to live with art.

It's my mission to demystify the world of contemporary art and interior design and marry them both in a way that is attainable (and irresistible)."

How to Buy Art

maria brito's GOOP how to buy art

1. Get an art education ...

The best place to start buying art, to obtain a good foundation and education, and develop an understanding for why you fall in love with specific artworks, are definitely the local galleries, in particular those that have a program for artists and represent them exclusively in their city.

If you are unsure of your tastes and preferences, art fairs are also an excellent source to see a lot of contemporary art, take a crash course in visuals and do some price research. They have proliferated so much that there seems to be a new one in every corner of the world. They are generally crowded, non-judgmental places where people can browse comfortably without being intimidated by the empty hallways and rooms of a gallery.

The mother of all the art fairs is Art Basel in Switzerland, followed by her younger sister, the Miami Beach version. The galleries are all top-notch, the standards to qualify as an exhibitor are the highest, and honestly, it can be a lot of fun and everybody who attends can browse and hang out for hours (or days like I do) and find new and old talents in all sorts of price ranges and from all over the world. Frieze, Scope, Pulse, Red Dot and the Affordable Art Fair are also great fairs that occur throughout the year in different cities such as NYC, London, Berlin, Singapore and Miami.

2. Know your tastes ...

People willing to start buying and living with art usually know their own tastes: is it photography and the boldness and neatness that it conveys? Is it the mystery of having an abstract piece completely open to a thousand interpretations? Is it art with a political context? Or what if someone gravitates time and again toward bright pop-style neons?

...... Most importantly, the education you get from buying art through galleries or consultants is truly invaluable!

*The content of this article came from Maria Brito and was originally published by GOOP

Get the 'Look for Less' through Grand Image

Maria does a great job explaining the ins & outs of starting a contemporary art collection by discovering artists you have an affinity to and developing your personal taste. At Grand Image we publish a variety of artists that are represented by galleries all over the USA and encourage you to look through our POD & BED collections to find artworks that meet both your interior design and personal taste needs. See below for how we recommend you get the GOOP inspired ‘Look for Less' with Grand Image artists and customizable substrates.

Grand Image GOOP get the Look for Less


Links to the above Grand Image products: Judy Morlock #81611, Patrick Atkinson #82528 (alternative substrates information), JB Hall Original on Canvas #HJOC-237.



Amy Parry
November 5, 2011
  This is great! I love your selections, too!
Lauren Albrecht
October 14, 2011
  I'd be really happy with that Atkinson wall paper in my kitchen too! :)
Kate Maass
October 14, 2011
  A terrific article, and I love the replacement images you selected! That Morlock rocks!

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