RE-cycled, RE-claimed, RE-purposed at High Point Market
Posted by Kate / to Artwork, Style, Industry Trends / on November 2, 2011

High Point Market Fall 2011

Two little letters sum up the hottest trend I spotted at High Point;

RE-cycled, RE-claimed, RE-purposed

This actually hit me out of the blue, while Larry and I were walking to lunch one of the afternoons at market.  He asked me, “what trends or new things have you seen”, and I thought about it and realized, not really “new” but old in a new way was what I really took away from most of the case goods and even some of the soft goods showrooms.

An overwhelming amount of natural products reclaimed or repurposed showed up in the furniture trends.  We saw lots of jute, hemp, and cottons for fabrics, and tons (literally) of steel, tin, and weathered woods.

Atkinson 76908  High Point fall 2011 Atkinson 76911

Patrick Atkinson POD 76908                                                                 Patrick Atkinson POD 76911

This was all in complete contrast to what I took away from Las Vegas Market in January, where my word that I came away with was opulent.

Visually, these “recycled” items lent themselves to imagery depicting “Americana”, we saw amazing images of the heartland, of barns, of trains, of countryside.  Presented in new and more modern ways these images were a nice balance with the furnishings and fabrics.

Grand Image Pamela Viola 

Pamela Viola's 'Modern Prairie' POD 84011

There were also some very interesting and sophisticated color pairings.  It seems that warm taupey gray is the new neutral of choice, and works harmoniously with both warm citrusy colors and cooler blues.

High Point fall 2011 High Point fall 2011

The best takeaway for me from High Point was the upbeat mood, most vendors we met with said they were having their best market in years, and the traffic supported that intel.  People were writing orders!!


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