Feng Shui the Devan Way: Part 2
Posted by Devan / to Ideas / on June 13, 2012

I thought I would revisit my blog post from last year and keep my chi in line.  My hubby and I had found a feng shui book and took care of our red south wall.  I’ve since convinced Barb Adams to keep a red candle lit in the south corner of her office.  If you know Barb, you know that is a personal triumph.  We also updated our purple corner of wealth, our green wall of family and health and then our blue “calm” corner.  (For those of you who didn’t read the first one – we had a fight in the meditation corner while deciding what to place there…so apropos.)

Today?  Today I am covering the rest – the black wall of death, the white metal and travel areas, the pink corner of Luuuuv and the yellow middle ground.


The North Wall represents your career, cash flow and long life.  Water features like dark fountains or images of dark flowing water is your key to flowing cash.  (A tortoise also represents longevity and old age.)  

Try using a series of these digital photograph printsby DF Photo but since the number ruling the North Wall is the # 1 – trying framing all images together into one frame. 

Koi 1 by PhotoDF BED #82325                                  Koi 2 by PhotoDF BED #82326

In the northwest corner, you want the color gray and images of saints, gurus, angels or places you would like travel.  It also symbolizes the father and protection as you experience your world.  Bring good chi to your influences and your hobbies with an image like Sukhothai Historical Park 2 by joSon.  At Grand Image, our Creative Department searches high and low for photographers who set high standards.  This joSon image is in our Print on Demand collection – but check out BED (Budget Editions) for a less expensive option.  (Save those pennies for your vacations and travel destinations!!!)


Sukhothai Historical Park 2 by joSon POD #78998

To the West! Go west, young man.  This is a fun one as this wall is represented by white and metal!  The setting sun, farming equipment like plows or mining and the gleam of metal correspond to purity and children and creativity!  What better way to represent this than a white metal frame!!  Frame your son or daughter’s piece of artwork and influence their confidence and keep your chi pure.  Or if you want something to really drive home the point, combine industrial themes with art and beauty with an image like Shipyard #1 by Doug Landreth.

Shipyard #1 by Doug Landreth POD #80994

The last corner – the Southwest – seems to merge slightly into the middle where your yin meets your yang.  Pinks and reds and warm colors seep into yellows.   The Earth, Mother & Child, Marriage and your inner balance corresponds to how you are grounded or connected to your surroundings.  Love and the number two (or pairs) merges with sunflowers and sun into the middle of the rooms.  Let your chi seep warmth into your home.  Use that corner to frame a quote or poem from or about your partner. 

Sunset Splash A and C by Tracy Hiner is a beautiful duo from our Budget Edition line.  The warm oranges and pink leave you feeling warm and grounded.   Squares and rectangles rule this area so if you don’t want verticals – stretch these images into two large squares.  Makes you want to step in and take a walk at sunset!  Mmmm...sun…only another few weeks until the outdoor pools open in Seattle!  May your enhancements help your chi and may you have good fortune in all things…

 Sunset Splash A by Tracy Hiner BED #83227     Sunset Splash C by Tracy Hiner BED #83229        






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