Devan and Maeve: A Tale of Two Grand Image Pros
Posted by Devan / to Artists / on September 17, 2012

When I first started at Grand Image in Winter 2003, one of the first people I met in the Gi corporate offices was Maeve Harris. We were the same age, we both grew up on the East Coast – me in Pennsylvania and Maeve in New Jersey.  We both lived in Florence Italy at the same time – while I was restoring and cleaning the pollution off the walls of the Duomo Cathedral – she was giving tours inside it.  And we both ended up in Seattle working for the same art company – she was making art and I was selling it. 

Vanessa, Madison, Maeve, Amy, Julie and Devan

After meeting Maeve, I knew right away that I was meant to be doing what I was doing – representing artists living in the here and now.  I see these comments and statements today where people say when you support small business, you are actually helping a daughter get ballet lessons and a son get piano lessons. I felt the same way when I started representing modern day artists – I see our artists’ kids grow up and go to school and college.  It’s like a big family sometimes. You also see signs in Austin and Seattle that say “Support Live Music!” and I always think “Support Living Artists!”

There are many of you out there who will appreciate this little blast from the past… Remember this series - The Flow and View - from 2004?  I STILL get requests for these timeless images:


Then in 2005/2006, I started selling Maeve’s horses.  Maeve has always been a horse lover – she rides and helps rescue horses in need.  She’s been painting horses for years…but up until 2005, I wouldn’t say I sold a lot of horses.  That all changed when I started representing Maeve…now I sell a LOT of horses.  Just last week, I had a friend see a Maeve Harris horse painting in a North Carolina beach house who emailed it to me with excitement! 

Maeve and I have grown with each other over the years and I’ve now been representing her for almost a full decade.  I’ve seen her style and palette change and grow. Looking back on her work, I can honestly say I am the one who is grateful to represent an artist who puts so much of herself into each piece. Her work ethic is one of the best in the business.  It’s very simple as to why she is a best-selling artist and why so many galleries and consultants choose to purchase her work over and over again.  The clients fall in love with her art and those who have met her fall in love with her too. I am looking forward to the next 10 years! 

October 10, 2012
  oh Devie, thank you for the lovely write up, I will never forget that fateful day! And we both know I would probably be way more excited about a reusable trader joe's grocery bag anyway- you know how I love pirates. Here is to the next decade of adventures! cheers!
September 20, 2012
  Hey Maeve - I was just speaking with a friend who is getting his wife a Louis Vuitton handbag for their 10th anniversary. I wanted to let you know not to expect that. Har har har.

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