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Posted by Amy / to Ideas, Behind the Scenes / on November 5, 2012

My husband and I are expecting our first child in November so I have been feverishly nesting all summer, which mostly means a great excuse for decorating my house!   I have been pleasantly surprised with all the really cool, modern decor options for babies and small children.  We are having a boy and I wanted our little one to have a room that is cozy and modern and surrounding that can take him from baby to boyhood.  And of course, I want to feel good in his nursery!  I’ve already spent many moments sitting in his rocking chair and contemplating our future together and just relaxing with all his cute stuff. I chose some artwork from the Grand Image collection to complete the space: Flutter 8 by Allyson Fukushima and Feelings by Nathaniel Mather:

Our National Sales Manager, Devan Walker is also pregnant (all the cool people are doing it)!  She and hubby Chris are expecting a girl.  Here are some sophisticated but sweet options for a baby girl:

Pink Flight by Pamela Viola, 84005

Pink & Green Butterfly by Lisa DeJohn, 81531

Heart of a Lion by Nathaniel Mather, 86754

Spring by BarnOwl Primitives, 85832



























 And for future parents who exhibit restraint, here are some gender neutral options for your baby nursery:

White Goat by Patrick Atkinson, APOP-1190

Giraffes by Nathaniel Mather, 83291

Little House II by Kim, 72521

Cat by Mike Smith, 83800

Peach Tree by Liz Tran, 80520

Watermelon Carousel by Pamela Viola, 86186

I like the idea of my child growing up surrounded by art and I don’t think it has to be cute and cuddly.  Save that for the rattles and blankets.  Give your baby imagery that is positive and easy to identify but also develops their aesthetic.  This is something he can keep for a lifetime!

Suzanne Friedman
February 26, 2013
  I love Flutter 8 and Pink Flight. Imaginative. Appealing to all ages. Great selection. I have been sourcing artworks as a wedding gift to my daughter and her husband. My daughter and I have looked at images from Lincoln Center in New York, to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle. For limited editions and original artworks, Grand image has the best selection. The newly weds selected Gary Garrett untitled etchings, sorry, I don't have the number in front of me. I am placing the order in March with Amy.

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