Maeve, Mary & Max: Painting in Action [VIDEO]
Posted by Lauren / to Artists, Original Artwork, Behind the Scenes / on April 23, 2012

I recently found these great youtube clips from 2007 featuring artists: Maeve Harris, Mary Margaret Briggs and Max Hayslette painting "in-action." They are great vingettes that capture each artists' artistic inspirations and studio practice. Watch and enjoy!

Seattle based artist, Maeve Harris, draws inspiration from her passion for horses as well as from nature and the abstract. She talks about the importance of the process and the unpredictability of paint in art creation, insisting that achieving an intended subject matter is secondary.

Artist Mary Margaret Briggs draws influence from her background as a textile designer and a gardener on Vashon Island, Washington. Using mostly organic ingredients including plant forms in her work, Briggs creates art she calls "botanical monotypes." Briggs' reproductions are a beautiful representation of plant life on paper and board.

World renowned artist Max Hayslette names Camille Pissarro as his biggest influence, painting Pissarro-like subject matter of European and Tuscan landscapes. His light-hearted attitude coupled with a love for art results in paintings with dramatic lighting and charming vivacity. Hayslette's work, in reproduction, is a breath of classic impressionism infused with his own unique style.


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