Tethers Triptych by TL Lange Acquired by Private Collector
Posted by Vanessa / to Trends, News, Artwork / on August 24, 2011

A private collector in the Seattle area recently acquired the iconic Tethers triptych by artist TL Lange. The works are now featured prominently in the owner’s incredible lakefront residence where they perfectly complement the home’s modern design and exquisite collection of mid-century treasures.

The Tethers triptych is a quintessential piece in Lange’s body of work. His incredible use of colorful abstraction, along with the whimsical and mysterious representational elements achieved through collage, paint, and other media is typical of Lange’s oeuvre and demonstrates his masterful ability to inspire the viewer to create their own narrative from his enigmatic imagery.

As the artist said, "I make marks for the sake of themselves. I create error that I find attractive in all of our everyday lives. However, I leave it hanging three marks shy of discernment. What I mean by that is that I choose that it not be understood or to be scrutinized by its detail or its adherence to reality -- only to be seen for its sense and its nostalgic response without my personal sentiment."

TL Lange triptich 3 TL Lange triptich 1 TL Lange triptich 2    

Grand Image represents the estate of TL Lange and all remaining unsold works by the late artist.

See all available original works by TL Lange.

We also have many fantastic images by Lange available in our limited edition POD line. In fact, two of the three panels from the Tethers series are available as limited edition digital prints! See available sizes and pricing here.


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