Meccanica by Cressey, Vancouver BC
Posted by Vanessa / to Case Studies, Capabilities / on May 15, 2012

The Project: Meccanica by Cressey Development Group, Vancouver BC

Dates: January 18th-Feburary 20th 2012

Project Description/Customer Request:

The designers wanted to create a feature art installation in this show suite at the new Meccanica condominium development in Vancouver, BC. The concept was to create a gallery wall that reflects the eclectic, modern taste of the client’s target homebuyer. For the discriminating modern home buyer, generic poster art just won’t do. The designers needed to find distinctive, high quality artwork available in miniature size, and within a tight budget and tight time frame!

Grand Image Solution:

The Grand Image POD line was the perfect solution. Because any of our high-style, gallery-caliber images can be customized to the size needed, we were able to create dozens of mini prints at an affordable price point. The designers at Insight used the Grand Image website to find a group of images they liked by a variety of different artists to create an eclectic feel. Though the designers sourced these images directly from the Grand Image website, they purchased and framed the project with Hambleton Fine Art Services in Vancouver.

This is a great example of how Grand Image can provide resources to designers, yet ensure that our industry partners (framers, galleries, art consultants, etc..) are ultimately the local resource for the finished artwork package. Because we have a relationship with the design firm and with the framer, we can provide solutions that work for all parties involved. In this case, the client needed the artwork installed in a rush time frame and Grand Image coordinated with the designer and framer to rush the artwork and get the finished pieces installed in time for the model suite deadline.


Thanks to Grand Image’s unparalleled collection of high-style imagery, custom printing capabilities, and budget-oriented pricing, we were successful in creating a unique design showcasing a myriad group of talented artists.

Image Credits: Meccanica by Cressey Development Group
Photographed by David Delnea�courtesy of MAC Marketing Solutions

Lauren Albrecht
May 15, 2012
  As always, great job Vanessa - this wall of mini POD prints is amazing!
May 15, 2012
  This is fantastic! I want to live there!

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