First Museum Show for David Marty
Posted by Inna / to News, Artwork, Events / on September 6, 2011

Grand Image artist David Marty has his first museum show opening at the Clymer Museum in Ellensburg, WA. The exhibit of over 20 oil paintings opens Friday, September 2 and will run through October 30. The show coincides with the annual Ellensburg Rodeo, one of America’s Top 10 professional rodeos.  Several of the paintings in the show are of the Ellensburg and Eastern Washington region.

David Marty painting Valley Farm

Originally from California, Marty moved to the Pacific Northwest for its spectacular scenery.  "I am awestruck by the beauty and diversity of the Northwest. I see the fingerprints of a creative God all around me - from the last glow of golden light on a mountain to the sparkle of a meandering meadow stream. This inspires me to try to capture an essence of a particular setting or moment in time, and share that with others through my paintings," says the artist.

Marty,78595 Marty,78597

Marty,78595; Marty,78597

Marty works in oils on canvas. Many of his paintings begin as plein air studies. His earlier landscapes were executed in a tight, almost photorealistic manner. The turning point began after the artist saw the work of the French Impressionists in Paris. Attracted by the brighter colors, softness and spontaneity of their paintings, Marty tried to loosen and soften his own approach, while still keeping his work representational. "By not defining every leaf or blade of grass, viewers have more opportunity to interact and use their imagination, making them a part of the creative process," explains Marty.

Marty,77466 Marty,72329

Marty,77466; Marty,72329

See David Marty's images in Grand Image's POD and BED collections. 

September 7, 2011
  way to go David!!

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