David Palmer’s Solo Show “walkabout (talkabout)” at William Turner Gallery
Posted by Inna / to News / on May 5, 2011

New work by Grand Image artist David Palmer will be presented at “walkabout (talkabout),” his third solo show at William Turner Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, May 7, 2011 through June 11, 2011.

“His densely layered mixtures of information graphics and natural forms engage the viewer in a visual and conceptual spectacle. The show includes large acrylic paintings, intricately crafted linoleum inlays, and a neon reinvention of the familiar crosswalk sign that’s both comical and haunting,” announced the gallery.

Palmer,8300  Palmer,83003

Palmer,83001"Harvest" and Palmer,83003 "Migration"

David Palmer thinks of his paintings as “glimpses through an imaginary microscope. They are inspired by nature, and the invisible connections between things.”

View the artwork from walkabout (talkabout) on David Palmer’s website.

Peter Frank, famous art critic and Senior Curator at the Riverside Art Museum said of David Palmer’s work:“…like Rosenquist, Lichtenstein, and others over the past half-century who have painted the visual racket of a consumer society, Palmer manifests not so much a love-hate relationship with the modern condition of image  assault  as  an  awe  at  its immensity and the thoroughness of its presence in our consciousness.”


David Palmer / One Thing Leads to Another from David Palmer on Vimeo.

Grand Image currently has seven David Palmer images in our POD Collection.


Palmer, 82997 "Botanical 1" and Palmer 82997 "Botanical 2"


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