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Posted by Inna / to Trends, Artwork / on June 14, 2011

As a follow up to the recent post where Devan Walker, National Sales Manager, shared most popular images among her clients nationwide, here we present best selling images in the last six months from three of our Account Managers. Looks like tree imagery is as popular as ever.

Amy Parry, Account Manager for Southeast


"This image by Victoria Jonshon from the POD Collection is popular in hospitality public spaces because the colors are unusual and the composition is bold and uplifting.  The painterly qualities of the original work of art shine through in the piece printed as a giclee which gives it a rich look."


Edmondson, 85334.

"I have sold this BED piece to consultants working in healthcare and to a bank. I recently discussed this piece with a client who is thinking about using it in a corporate office building.  It is well-liked for public spaces because both the imagery and the photography medium are familiar to all walks of life. It is an aesthetically pleasing and modern composition while being accessible to most viewers."

Vanessa Vaughan, Account Manager for Northwest, Mountain, Midwest and Canada



"I have placed this POD image by Teri Jonas on several recent projects. The mountain landscape imagery is very relevant for my territory which includes Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, Colorado and Utah – all mountainous areas. One of my customers who does corporate consulting in BC has specified this image and other works by Jonas for a large corporate client – it’s one of their favorites. The whimsical colours are also fantastic for healthcare and add a lot of color to any space."



"This BED  image has been specified by many of my customers across the country for projects ranging from corporate to healthcare to residential. I have placed it in a clinic, a hotel, and for corporate offices. Customers have ordered the single image, as well as the two companion pieces in the series. This suite of three makes for flexible placements in any location."


The imagery is great for my northern territory because the subject matter (aspen trees) are native to northern, cooler climates, but the yellow leaves are so vibrant and alive, so there is a nice contrast of warm and cool elements.

Even though this image is a photograph, the color and composition give it a painterly feel that resonates for fans of abstract and landscape work."

Madison Cook, Account Manager for Southern California



"This POD image from Mary Margaret Briggs is a top seller in California and also the Mid-West.  It’s rare we find an image which is a topselling look to both territories right out of the gate but this has been a hit.  It’s been specified on TV sets and also in healthcare and corporate settings.  It is an image that can be a small accent with its mate 82526 or it can stand alone as a large canvas print.   The colors work well with the earth tones in home and corporate décor."




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