Ports of Call - I'll Take You There!
Posted by Amy / to Trends, Capabilities, Artwork / on September 1, 2011

Art transports people.  It brings us closer to places we want to be.  A vibrant cityscape recalls the hustle and smells of our favorite cosmopolitan locale, and an image of water lapping on the shore lulls us to a relaxing beach.

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PhotoDF,82841; Edmondson,85328; Edmondson,83441

Photography alone documents images of places we may never see, but art photography takes us one step further to evoke the feeling of a place – to have a truly sensory experience through the visual.

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Viola,82367; PhotoDF,82858; Schrack,72292

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Cook,82613; Edmondson,85342

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PhotographyTM,82108; Cook,82598; joSon,78997

I recently worked with a designer on a project called the The Fountains in sunny Orlando, Florida.  The concept for the hotel suites is "Ports of Call" - the idea was to create a surrounding that takes you far away from your daily life and reminds you of the drama and adventure of traveling to far away lands. 

Ports of Call Artwork 1

The designer presented the idea to Grand Image and our creative team customized imagery that brought the idea to life.  It’s kind of like a ‘choose your own adventure’ idea, with images from beautiful places near the water from around the world.  You may be in Orlando, but while you are staying at The Fountains you feel whisked away to Barcelona or Santorini.  Or maybe you are sailing through the Bahamas on a yacht and charting a course to a fantasy island.

Ports of Call Artwork 2

 The sofas in the suites are comfortable and the towels are soft.  The sun is shining by the crystal clear pool, but its the visual artwork adorning the walls that really reminds us where we are…or want to be! 


Suzanne Friedman
September 27, 2011
  Amy, This is incredibly well written. I am right at the beach in my mind. The trends that Grand Image puts out are very resourcefull to us out there presenting to find the next great art project. Thank you, Suzanne Friedman, Mendi Fine Art

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