Why Digital Art Prints Are Better Than Posters
Posted by Inna / to Trends, Artwork / on June 23, 2011

Some of our clients, particularly smaller frame shops and residential designers, are often puzzled by the difference in price between limited edition and open edition digital prints and posters.  Its hard for them to justify trying to sell a 30” x 30” limited edition print for $325 or an open edition print for $180 not including the framing cost, when they can just offer a nicely framed poster for $60 to their customers.  Retail clients too often want to know why it makes more sense to buy a fine art print over a poster.

In the past, poster art has been widely used for homes, hotels and hospitals because it is cheap. Much more was often spent on the frame than on the mass-produced print. In recent years however, retail clients as well as art consultants and designers who traditionally purchased posters for their budget conscious projects, have been choosing fine art digital prints over posters because of their longevity, depth of color and overall superior image quality. 

Charles White, Principal of Skyline Art Services, a healthcare art consulting firm, says they no longer place posters on their projects because “they fade fast and are a waste of money for a client in the long term.”

Print vs Poster

Max Hayslette "Hills of Provence"

Even if your customer cares less about the exclusivity of the image and most of the time can’t tell the difference between an art print and a poster, there is one huge problem with poster art. The colors fade quickly, often within 3 to 5 years. Warm colors are usually the first to disappear, which leaves a blue-cast to the print, a tacky look we’ve all seen in older hospital facilities, and medical offices.

In response to the needs of our customers whose biggest challenge is often finding the right imagery that fits the parameters of the project, while coming in on budget, we have introduced a line of budget conscious imagery that costs almost as little as posters but has archival gallery quality of fine art giclees.

“Because of quality limitations of poster art we decided to move away from offering posters directly through Grand Image,” said Kate Maass, Grand Image Art Director. “While Grand Image posters can still be purchased in the marketplace and directly through our distributors, our launch of BED (Budget Editions) line offers a much better solution for projects with low budgets.  We call it our “cure for the common poster,” it's real art and gallery quality printing on a poster budget.”

So if your customer is trying to decide whether to buy a poster or invest a little more in a fine art digital print, in the end, it comes down to two things – the image and the quality of the print.  If you love the image, and spend the money to frame it, but it fades away in 5 years, you just lost your investment and a piece of art.  With digital art prints, your investment and enjoyment will last for a very long time and the image will look as good after decades as when you purchased it.  

In the end, buying a digital art print over a poster will save you money.


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