Posted by Joy / to Interior Design / on April 26, 2013

Stripes are one of my favorite patterns and that's saying a lot because I don’t like a lot of patterns. Simplicity is key for me and that’s why stripes catch my eye. Lately I'm seeing a lot of stripes in restaurants, stores, and my friend’s homes. This trend is exciting because stripes are the easiest way to make a room pop. The question is how are you going to incorporate stripes into your life?

I think one of the biggest conundrums with stripes is deciding on size, color, and direction. The cool thing about the room below is that it isn’t painted but a mock-up for a vinyl wall covering that we created from a Kinga Czerska image.

Czerska, 75934

For me, the above solution might be too permanant and too big of a commitment, but I do like to add them in more subtle ways that don’t dominate the room. In my apartment I have striped pillows that add character but vases, rugs, art pieces, furniture, and so many more items can add a little pop to a room. I really like how simple the room is below and lets the vibrant Garrett piece be the main focus.

Garrett, 81375

The first thing that caught my eye with the three art pieces below were the colors and the different sizes of the lines. Instantly I started to create rooms around each piece and was excited because all of them can change how a room feels.

Berger, 75016

GI Artlab, 83512

Hall, HJOP-820


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