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Desire for self-expression is more and more obvious in the houses of people everywhere. We want to have furniture and decorations that mean something, that make us smile and that ultimately make the place feel like home. Re-purposing various objects and materials is now both a passion and a form of art.

DIY projects are slowly starting to gain power in the process of interior design, whether we are talking about old chairs being revamped or new candle supports being created. Creativity is once again taken to the next level and the home owner is more than just an innocent bystander- he is now in complete control of the project’s outcome.

Macramé, ceramics and felt.  Oh the memories from growing up in the 70’s when my mom and her friends had Tupperware parties and she sewed all of our Christmas ornaments. It was Free to be You and Me and do-it-yourself was all the rage. 



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The new generation of DIY is more sophisticated and usually either edgy or sweet.  It evolved due to 3 main reasons:

1) Craftiness. Since our modern culture is inundated with purchased and prefabricated everything, making things taps us into our creativity. Using our hands and brains to create things for ourselves massages a very primal part of being a human. Hand crafting is a rebellion against the modern consumer culture's emphasis on relying on others to satisfy needs.

2) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. DIY artwork often incorporates recycled elements, from layers of paint over an old piece of wallpaper to (See Sarah Atkinson’s ‘New Light’) to decoupaged photographs over fabric (see GI Art Lab’s ‘Amore’).  Even if it doesn’t actually contain recycled elements, the look of combined and recycled images appeals to our conservationist aesthetic.

3) Recession-proof.  People really don’t like to be too luxurious in a recession.  It makes them feel guilty. Look what happened to Marie-Antoinette…  Aesthetics tend to bare down to the basics and become more utilitarian in tough times. We lose the gold luster for bronze patina and trade in the purple velvet for neutral linen. We are definitely emerging from the tough financial times in the past few years but they changed us and what we want to see for the time being, at least.



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