In Memoriam: T. L. Lange 10 years later
Posted by Larry / to News, Artwork, Artists / on January 22, 2012

January 23, 2002- while driving to the hospital in hopes of receiving a liver transplant, I received the news of T L Lange's suicide. The irony and significance of this real life event will stay with me forever. I was blessed with the gift of life. For T L, we have his legacy and memories.

In Memoriam T. L. Lange 10 years later

So what was T L Lange like? I must have answered the question a thousand times. My short answer would be "if Hollywood were to cast a movie on an artist, T L would be both the star and the subject". With looks like Johnny Depp, demons that have plagued artists for ages, and gifted with a burning, creative energy which would manifest into some of the most compelling imagery I have ever viewed. But of course, T L was far too complex to encapsulate in some breezy quote.

The words brilliant, kind, gentle and spiritual mixed with a touch of exasperating, naive, stubborn and unpredictable serve as an incomplete description of perhaps the most gifted and unique artist with whom I have ever worked. This is a day that I celebrate personally and mourn what should have been. It is also a day to celebrate the undeniable talent of T L Lange. His pictures tell the story.

LTOC-423 LTOC-207

July 3, 2016
  Wow. I bought two pieces of his work in 1995 from Landsell Gallery. I met. t.L. He was a sweetheart. The first piece is 'Be' but it is the second piece that touched my soul. It is a collage titled 'Love 95'. It was his engagement gift to the woman he wanted to marry. They didn't marry. The piece respresents his suicide attempt and his hope for their future together. I knew what it meant before I was told the meaning. My heart is broken for him. It remains my favorite piece of art.
Trish Arnold
April 7, 2016
  Being a collector of TL Lange's are has brought me so much joy.
September 24, 2013
  I met TL in Atlanta, selling his art in the back of his truck. I bought several pieces which I still treasure. An amazing artist and beautiful man. Peace, TL.
sandy lange
May 9, 2012
  Thank you also for the wonderful story of my precious son. he is still missed and yes it was 10 years on Jan 23rd at approx. 3 p.m. on that most tragic day. love his still grieving mother. sandy lange
Larry Winn
March 1, 2012
  jennifer, I just read your post and was so moved. Moved by your story, your unimaginable tragedy of the loss of your and blessing of your grand daughter. TL spoke to many in many different ways. But your conversation tops the list, and it would have made him happy, too.I have not yet listend to the you tube, but will. many blessings to you and your family. Larry Winn
Jennifer B Western Australia 28
February 28, 2012
  I've just dropped my print of Variation 22 (the one at the top of this article with TL's photo) into the picture framer. 12 months ago my 24 yr old daughter died in tragic circumstances - she was expecting a baby girl. The baby was saved by 'c' section but we had to turn the life support machine off that was keeping my daughter alive. My grand-daughter who was 3 weeks prem was transferred to Intensive Care in a nearby children's hospital in the city. When we went to take her home a week or so later a friend of ours paid for my husband and son-in-law and myself to spend the night in a luxury hotel just over the road from the hospital because we had to travel from the country. Variation 22 was on the wall in the bedroom that we stayed in that night. At first glance I didn't really take much notice - we were grief stricken and exhausted - it wasn't until I got up to use the bathroom at 2 in the morning and turned the bedside lamp on that I was absolutely struck by the significance of the painting to me personally. It was such a comfort and the symbolism of every part of it (mainly spiritually) was as if TL painted it especially for me. I was sad to hear of TL's death as I wanted to correspond with him if possible. It has taken us 12 months to finally track the painting down and have it arrive in Australia in time for the one year anniversary of my daughters death and the first birthday of our beautiful grand-daughter today - who will own the picture when we will no longer be here! I showed the picture to an African friend who dropped in to comfort us the other day and her comment was - "did somebody paint this for you?" It's exactly how I feel. SO for me to actually come across this spot on the net [in between caring for my 2 young grandchildren and my other daughter who is profoundly disabled - 24 yr old] and find that it coincides with TL's 10th year of rememberance is quite special. Thankyou for the opportunity to place this comment. My daughter who passed away wrote this song when she was 10 years old if you would like to hear it on YouTube. Regards Jennifer
Will R.
February 11, 2012
  Wow! It has been ten years. Seems like only yesterday. What a beautiful dude. I feel so blessed to have known him for a few months prior to his departure.

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